Mint & Birch


Hi! My name is Jessica, and I’m the owner and maker behind Mint & Birch. I started this business as a hobby in 2012 after I had my first baby. As a new stay at home mom, I felt antsy and restless and craved a creative outlet. It all started when I made a few necklaces for Mother’s Day for my family and friends. When I gave away my handcrafted creations, I was blown away at how much something little could evoke such powerful emotion. I wanted to make more.

Six years later, Mint & Birch has turned from a little hobby into a business, a creative outlet and a way for people to celebrate their stories through jewellery. It has become a little community in itself! In my own life, I had always wanted to wish my own story away, but the women that have asked me to create a special piece to celebrate their stories have inspired me to celebrate my own story as well.


Each and every single piece is handcrafted by me, and I have decided not to outsource any of the hand making process as I’ve come up with a special way to get the necklaces to look just right. I specialize in bar necklaces that have been cut by hand out of sheets of gold-fill and sterling. I work with ethically sourced gold-fill and sterling silver sheets, and everything is created in my home studio with professional equipment, drills, special files, and stamps that have been tooled just for Mint & Birch.


I take incredible pride in the workmanship of each necklace, not just because of how much goes into each piece but because I feel so honoured to be asked to make such sentimental pieces to celebrate stories! 

Jessica xo

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