The Cake Mama


Hi! I’m Izabela, the baker behind The Cake Mama, mom to 3, wife to a very patient husband and quintessential busy bee. Phew- if that first sentence didn’t overwhelm you already, then welcome to my life LOL! I’ve been baking all of my life with my mom and grandma but what really got me interested in turning it into an actual hobby was helping a friend bake wedding cakes for her large Italian family a few times. (Shout out to Sara!) We started a little hobby business together but life got busy for both of us and baking took a back seat for a little while. When my first daughter was born in 2006, I started baking again for family and friends- if only you could see how awful the cakes looked, LOL! I persevered and became known as the “cake mama”- the one always bringing the cakes to special occasions. My preference of cake styles evolved over the years from only ever wanting to decorate a cake with fondant and gum paste figurines to never wanting to touch the stuff and decorate solely with buttercream. It’s been an interesting journey thus far and what is so neat about it is the fact that there's no right way to create anything. I never thought I’d call myself an “artist” but designing desserts truly is an art form.


The business became an on and off gig for a few years while I struggled to figure out where it was going and how dedicated I wanted to be. In 2010, social media became more of a prominent thing for businesses so I took the plunge and created an Instagram account. Since then it has grown not only to be a place where I share my creations but an incredible source of inspiration and most importantly a network of wonderful fellow mamapreneurs with an insane amount of talent. I would also say it’s a huge source of my business as clients will contact me through the platform to place an order for their special occasion. What a blessing it’s been to be connected to so many people in this way. It is a joy to be chosen for your style of cakes and gain the complete trust of your client because of this. Cue all the feels here!!


Where is this business going now? Well I’m so proud to say that I stock my sugar cookies at a couple of local shops with goals to expand the number of shops carrying my sweet treats. The big picture is a cake studio- (not a bakery! at least not yet anyways!) to work from and possibly host workshops out of as well. Maybe a baking book?! (just putting that out to the universe, guys!) I believe that opportunities always come when they are meant to, so I’m just steady on my grind until that magical day comes. I’ve been so blessed to work with some incredibly note-worthy people (Monika Hibbs, Jillian Harris - cue the fan-girling here!) and I plan to just keep busting my butt and putting myself out there until I’m satisfied that the world knows who The Cake Mama is - haha!


To everyone who has supported me along the way, picked me up when I’m down (that would be the hubby right there-he always knows what I need to hear!), referred me to a friend and of course enjoyed one of my many sweet treats, thank you so much, I can’t wait for what is next!


Instagram: @the.cake.mama
Facebook: @thecakemama